About Us

Theta-m, founded in early 2017, is fully Canadian owned and operated providing quality canvas art prints without the heavy retail mark up. 

The team at Theta are an insightful, fun, and open bunch - collectively we are dreamers, creative pioneers and neat freaks dedicated to helping consumers decorate their home. 

At Theta, our product focus will always be modern, consumer centric designs that look great with any standard world frames. We offer consumers a range of popular sizing, suitable for flats, condos, homes, or offices in a variety of lighting conditions. Most importantly, our product range; like our team at Theta will always be future-forward and minimalistic. We want to ensure each print can stand the test of time in your home, by putting the customer's interests at heart.

Our Mission

Offer a wide variety of modern and motivational canvas wall decor suitable for any dwelling worldwide. Our focus will  always be providing high quality art without the heavy retail price tag. 

Our Philosophy

We don't believe in retail mark-ups or markdowns.  Having gone through multiple home decor chains on the West Coast one weekend, we were disappointed and let down by what they had to offer. Nature abstract designs that had been sold for decades in-store (boring), and ubiquitous prints that did not stand out or match our home decor.  Theta-m was born shortly thereafter, focusing on minimalistic canvas wall decor suitable for modern homes.  

At Theta-m, we value our customer's needs above all else, so please don't hesitate to reach out with questions.  Like many new businesses, we are a small team with huge hearts for home decor. We would love to showcase your print, so please check us out on our social pages.  


Sincerely Yours,