Shipping and Delivery

How Long Does Shipping & Delivery Take?
- Please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery

Is there a cost for delivery?
- No. We offer FREE worldwide shipping to over 185 countries. 

How will this product be packaged?
- Rest assured, all our canvas wall arts are securely packed and will arrive to your door unwrinkled and in rolled tube packing. 

If I order more than 1 print, will they be sent in the same packaging?
- To prevent impressions and transference, each canvas wall art will be packed in individual rolled tube packing. 

Why are sizes measured in (cm) instead of inches? 
To best assist customers globally, we decided to use the Metric measurement system. We've curated the most popular sizes,  guaranteed to fit frames sold worldwide.  Please see our Sizing Guidelines to ensure you've made the correct selection. 

I've received my product! Now what?
- Snap a picture with our print in frame, and get featured on our IG page. As a Theta existing customer, we offer an additional 5% off your next purchase with every feature snap!